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A small chain of non-gmo organic butcher shops based in New York. Our animals are raised in an open & natural, stress-free environment. Our belief is that animals raised outdoors, on high quality pasture, and that are treated with respect, produce the most nutritionally-dense and best tasting meats. All of our meats are hormone and antibiotic free and our animals are never exposed to herbicides or pesticides, producing clean, fresh, lean meats that you can be confident about serving to your family.  


“It’s the best (food) I’ve ever had, and I’ve eaten in 60 different countries,” 

-Retired Chef, William “Hawk” Redhawk 

“They did a fabulous job, the corn is to die for.” 

-Jim Meinhold, Saratoga Springs

"...It is good to see new businesses ...“especially creative businesses...that... increase social life and quality of life, and bring diversity and jobs. 

-Fourth Ward Councilman Vincent DeSantis 

“The food is wonderful” 

 -Samantha Clarke, Gloversville 

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